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Welcome Liberty Lions!

We are the voices in Knox County, Tennessee, standing in truth and taking action to protect our faith, family, and freedom. We stand with fellow conservative organizations through the Tennessee Constitutional Grassroots Coalition. Click the TCGC button to learn more.


Patriotic Community

We will create and strengthen relationships between patriots in Knox County, who are resolved to retain our freedoms. We love our country. Period.

Empowered Citizens

We will empower our community with knowledge and confidence when voting and engaging with elected officials. They work for us, and we will hold them accountable.

Active Voices

We will promote and defend traditional American values loud and clear. For too long, the voices in our community have been silent and complacent. We will make our voices heard.

Upcoming Events

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This group provides much-needed reassurance that I am not alone in my patriotic values and beliefs. It is much easier to actively stand and speak up when you know that others are standing with you.

Tracey SKnoxville, TN

I am one of the many who fled to Tennessee in the hope of finding other liberty-minded people. I’m thrilled that through this community group, we can be strong protectors of our freedoms.

Crystal JKnoxville, TN

Mask mandates and CRT in Knox County Schools convinced me it was time to take local politics more seriously. I was thrilled to connect with other like-minded citizens through Knox for Liberty who are ready to stand up & hold our elected officials accountable.

Brian G

We moved our family to east Tennessee to suppport our conservative values. We don't want our state to fall like other battle ground states! Our young kids show up for the Liberty for Knox meetings and we feel welcome around liberty-minded Americans. Let's get into our community and stand up now!


As an “escapee” from CA, I want to be involved here in awesome Tennessee, to protect it from becoming another “Commiefornia”. I’ve tried another local group and met nice, like-minded people talking about problems, but no real actions ever seemed to be taken. “Knox for Liberty” is different…it is well-organized and has many good patriots in action! ????????????????

Chris J


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