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About Us

We are the voices in Knox County, Tennessee, standing in truth and taking action to protect our faith, family, and freedom.

We believe the purpose of government is to uphold the God-given rights of the American people, guaranteed by our Constitutions. We reject the infringement of these rights by any government entity.

We are patriots representing everyone in our community. We believe it to be our duty to confront and oppose the powers that seek to undermine our way of life.

We love Knox County, Tennessee, and the United States of America. We will support our neighbors and families through connection and education at our in-person meetings and on-line.

We invite everyone who is like-minded to join us and help us preserve traditional American values.


Our leadership team consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer, along with the leaders of our four divisions: Membership, Recruiting, Marketing, and Government.

Membership – organizing our meetings, growing relationships, and engaging new visitors and current members.

Recruiting – participating in community activities, promoting our group, and increasing our membership.

Marketing — speaking out to advance our values using our website, social media, email, and text.

Government — monitoring state legislation and local government meetings, evaluating political candidates and current representatives, and educating and activating the public on issues that threaten our faith, family, and freedom.


Issues that matter to us.

First Amendment

We freely speak, publish, worship, assemble and petition. Don’t tread on us.

Second Amendment

We protect ourselves, our families, and our homes.

Education Integrity

We support parents’ right to direct their children’s education.

Child Protection

Everyone deserves a chance to live, especially our most vulnerable.

Medical Freedom

We have the right to control our own medical care with an advocate by our side.

Election Integrity

All voters must be living, registered, and provide ID. Secure, verify, and audit ballots.

Limited Government

We will hold our representatives accountable. WE THE PEOPLE are in charge.

Illegal Immigration

We don’t care if you are purple and born on Mars. Respect our laws. Come in the right way.